The artist book is based on selected materials from printed matter sources connected to the Appenzell region in Switzerland, found by the artist in her family archives. Johann Jakob Sturzenegger-Graf (1828-1904) planted three Giant Sequoia trees in Trogen on the occasion of three historical events, probably some of the first to be planted in Switzerland. Answers to the title question are a selection of historical events of subjective importance to the artist, the continuation of a list found in the 1836 edition of the Appenzell Calendar, freely retracing our search for knowledge, common reliability and truth through science, technology, language, art or politics: “After Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, since the development of Braille and since the proof of gravitational waves we are still able to look at the trees." (Izet Sheshivari)

Artist book | 244 pages, 210 x 122 mm, softcover, offset
Design by Izet Sheshivari
Published on the occasion of Kulturlandsgemeinde Appenzell Ausserrhoden 2016 in Stein AR by Boabooks, Genève