What would be the essence, the „condensate“ of drawing, or what is left over from drawing in the end? Translated into space, this questioning of the conditions of drawing collides with the ambivalent status of a wall sculpture which one faces physically.

A towering object stands near the center of the space and covers the second, opposing exit for a short moment, when entering the room. It appears massive and monumental from this side like a wall piece or a flat case.
The freestanding object provokes a movement, and asks one to position oneself in relation to it. Behind the initial facade, the character of the object abruptly changes, it shows itself as a hollow casing, open on one side, some kind of unusable box. Its interior does not differ from the facade in its materiality, but it faces the viewer‘s body in a completely different way.

Used wooden boards with paper, acrylic emulsion paint, graphite and traces, staples | 348 x 156 x 42 cm

Exhibition view: Kunstmuseum Luzern, 2010