The site is an unused hall in a former industrial building. By the sound of conduits and valves permanently clicking, the functional context of the factory remains strongly present.

Three cast U-shaped plaster bars are suspended in the space, drawing and materializing a similar movement three times. Their endings, breaking off underneath the ceiling, point towards different directions into the open space.
Hanging down freely, not following any functional shaping, the fragile plaster bars differ from the conduits found on the ceiling and are basically disconnected from the space‘s construction. The cast bars create spatial anchors, a minimal physical resistance, following a kind of folly or the idea that a loop of thinking could become solid.
Developed as simple models of the „verbalization“ of thought respectively of its available fragments, the cast bars displace the moment of consolidation into another, into a physical space, where their presence develops its own language and dynamics.

Hard plaster, mounting: metal | 260 x 285 x 350 cm

Exhibition view: Monosuisse, Emmenbrücke, 2012