Wall and floor elements of white painted wooden boards are assembled into four half-open, interconnected cabinets. The multipartite spatial construction as well contains drawings on paper placed here and there and merging with the wall‘s patchwork composition.
The tactile, visual and mental process of drawing as a form of research and thinking forms the matrix of the work. Drawing is explored as a process of becoming visible, a materialization of events or organizing attempts. The embedded drawings on paper act as spots within a system, as if taken out of a „web“ and viewed under a microscope. Their status oscillates between trace, articulation and image. Within the installation, the different elements interact and establish a temporary „order of drawing-related things“.

Next to the museum‘s wall, the white walls of boards create a kind of duplication. The spatial construction cannot be seen as a closed system, but rather an attempt to build a place within the institutional frame, a place within another place, where a certain mode of knowledge and cognition can appear on the film of a phyical structure, on a stage for drawing. The situation is a model on a real scale for the dynamics and entanglements in drawing, for the moments of critical saturation, and an experimental arrangement („Experimentalsystem“) which one can enter.

Used wooden boards and slats, acrylic emulsion paint, graphite; graphite on paper, graphite and gouache on paper, graphite and hairs on paper, impressions on thermographic paper

Exhibition view: Kunstmuseum Solothurn, 2011