For the site specific intervention in a former silo space, wooden elements found in the space are displaced and fixed on the walls in couples, becoming the top and bottom support for vertical transparent foil lengths, defining the distance between the foil surface and the concrete wall.

Before being abandoned and emptied, the towerlike space served as a storage for wood flour used for the heating situated in a space below. Remains of the dusty material are left as found, resting on the rough walls and on a covering centered on the floor. A funnel through the ground underneath the round covering and a grid of cylindrical openings in the ceiling connected to hidden filter bags – parts of the former ventilation system – perforate the space’s boundaries and remind of the circulation of air and matter. Within the doors and windows on one side of the space, wooden planks inserted at an angle into the door and window frames at regular intervals previously acted as removable blades allowing the air to pass through.
By displacing these elements, the spatial presence of the gap becomes an abstract sculptural occurrence, part of the play of light and dust, geometry and materiality, porosity and emptiness inside the space’s volume.

Relocated wooden elements, PET foil | 330 x 96.5 cm, 307 x 96.5 cm, 330 x 127 cm

Exhibition view: LOCHER, Zürich