Fictions on the room

The room has changed due to the light from outside falling in through the window panes. The light has accumulated on the wall / burnt into it. Discolourings, cicatrices, or proliferation / greenhouse effect.
The former exhibitions and mounted works have left their traces. Holes and mastic patchery, a transformation of the wall‘s topography. (The earth crust is arching. Plate shiftings, folding of the surface, formation of clefts. Eruptions, material is escaping.)
Fiction 1 the indentation
The framing of the sheet is a sign to look at it.
It asks for a glance and lets it slide aside.

(Original text excerpts from: Korrespondenz gekürzt. Miriam Sturzenegger & Mariann Oppliger. Die Umkehrung der Explosion 2010. English translation: Miriam Sturzenegger)

Embossings on paper (continuous on A4 sheets), fluorescent tubes, walls and floor with found traces; booklet (unique copy, newspaper format) presented outside the space

Exhibition view: lokal.int, Biel, 2010