Within a spatial arrangement of architectural conditions and continuously shifted wall elements, two improvising musicians develop a dialogue between and with the physical space.
Several partition walls – forming corners, half-open cabinets or closed hollow spaces – are placed in the room. During the performance they are slowly repositoned by one person. Permanently building new constellations, they reorganize the space and create changing framings for action. At the same time, the minimal wall elements merge with the surrounding architectural space, preventing the perception of a delimited stage area. Every shift of an element affects the entire constellation, including the audience which freely chooses their position in the space.
The sculptural and musical performance develop each following their own logic. While being moved, the wall elements create incidental noise, mixing with the music. During the simultaneous spatial and musical process, space is experienced as something produced by action, multifaceted but ultimately personal.

Performance | Mobile installation of wooden boards, acrilic emulsion paint, styrofoam and plaster; found immobile elements in the space
Performers: Josh Berman (cornet), Miriam Sturzenegger (installation), Marc Unternährer (tuba) | Duration variable, inaugural performance 40 min

Views of the space before and during the performance: Bude, Luzern, 2013