Three thin plaster panels cast within a light frame of aluminium profiles are suppported by a simple spatial framework built of the same kind of profiles, creating horizontal planes in the space. Three volumes are outlined within the architectural arrangement of the space, permeable for the view.

The reflective even plaster surfaces lying slightly underneath eye level can only be viewed from a
flat-angled perspective. Hereby they reflect the sides of the surrounding space structured by vertical elements and the panorama of the outside space strikingly present behind the window facade. This urban context and the incompletely equipped architecture of the exhibition space are caught and carried on in the elevated surfaces of the inserted construction.

Model plaster, fabric, aluminium, screws
140 x 132 x 246 cm, 150 x 125 x 220 cm, 160 x 132 x 246 cm

Exhibition view: Nextex, St. Gallen, 2014